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Product Categories

Paper cups

Perfect for both hot and cold beverages, our cups can be printed with specified images, stock print or provided blank for your needs.

Portion cups

Our portion cups come in a variety of sizes and weights, and are available with or without lids. Used with lids, they provide a perfect solution for on the go sides and sauces or snack portions.



We can supply cutlery as single pieces or complete sets depending on your needs. Our cutlery comes in a wide variety of colors, weights, and sizes and can be wrapped or unwrapped as needed.



Wrapped or unwrapped; flexible or straight; clear or colored; same color throughout or multi-colored. No matter your straw needs, we’ve got you covered!

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deli Containers

Containers in multiple sizes and weights are available to match your needs.

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takeout containers

Did you know that 86% of restaurant consumers take advantage of takeout or delivery options at least once per month. That number is expected to grow over 12% by 2023. Be prepared with the right containers!



From trays to salad bowls, champagne flutes to ladles, (and everything in between), we have the perfect compliment to your table settings.



Our cups are available in clear or color options, with domed or flat lids, perfect for every drink offering. Inquire about our cup/lid/straw sets.


plates & bowls

Our plates and bowls are available in multiple shapes, colors, and patterns to fit any table setting theme.

Fuling Plastic USA

Fuling is a world-leading producer of single-use, disposable tableware, including: cutlery, paper cups, straws, portion cups, plates, bowls, deli and takeout containers, and accessories. With manufacturing sites headquartered in both the United States (Fuling Plastic USA, Inc. in Allentown, Pennsylvania) and China, and distribution channels located throughout North America and Asia, Fuling is able to offer its customers economical pricing and high-quality products with a dependable supply chain flow. We currently serve 5 of the 6 top fast food chains in America and are excited to provide our customers with a one-stop solution to all of their tableware needs. We also understand and take seriously our responsibility to the environment and community; sustainability is at the core of everything we do.