Sustainability – Our Commitment

What is Sustainability and what does it mean to us?

At Fuling, sustainability means fulfilling our customer’s present needs, while preserving the environment in which their future needs will exist. It means improving the lives of those who use our products without sacrificing the importance of the environment around us. Most importantly, it means producing our products in such a way that the only footprint we leave on the world, is our commitment to our customers and the high quality of our products.

Quick Facts

  • 60% of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants that recycle, 51% saying they would be willing to pay a premium at restaurants that recycle.

  • Over 50% of foodservice operators believe that they will need a socially responsible strategy to remain competitive in the next two years.

  • In 2012, the U.S. recycled and composted 87 million tons of waste which is equivalent to removing the CO2emissions of over 33 million vehicles.

  • 85% of consumers would be willing to sort their trash in the proper bins provided by a restaurant. Two-thirds recycle waste at home after finishing their take-out or delivery meals.

4.5 pounds:

The average amount of trash each American creates per day

317 million:

Latest U.S. population

135 million:

Number of tons of municipal waste, which goes into landfills each year

Community – Giving Back

Our Commitment to Our Community

Fuling takes seriously our responsibility to the surrounding community and those who live and work in it. As the first company in Pennsylvania to bring manufacturing from China to PA in an effort to onshore, rather than offshore, we recognize our duty to provide employment in the Lehigh Valley, as well as to enrich the area by giving our time and providing donations to charities in the area.

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