Fuling Global has manufacturing sites around the world, with distribution channels in multiple countries. Founded in 1992 as a household tableware and fishing equipment manufacturer, it has quickly expanded into a world-leading supplier of environmentally-friendly, disposable tableware. Fuling produces a wide selection of tableware supplies, including cutlery, straws, takeout and deli containers, paper and plastic cups, portion cups, plates and bowls, and accessories. We offer both plastic (including biodegradable) and paper options to serve our customers’ complete needs - in one place.

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Fuling USA Plant (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Opened in 2015 by Fuling Global as the first company in the Lehigh Valley started by a Chinese company looking to expand into the American market. This site is the headquarters for Fuling’s United States operations and market, which represents 90% of its sales base.

Wenlin Plant.jpg

Wenling Plant (Zhejiang Province)

Opened in 2011, this 213,000 square foot production facility 6,000 tons of product across 40 injection molders.

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SONGMEN PLANT (Zhejiang ProvincE)

Fuling’s newest plant, built in 2017, is located in Songmen’s Eastern New District.

Company Timeline

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Taizhou Fuling founded in Zhejiang, China.


Having experienced rapid growth within the Chinese market, Taizhou Fuling began exporting plastic cutlery to the US.


Great Plastics founded.


Taizhou began its expansion into American manufacturing as it broke ground on its Pennsylvania site. The site would better support the >90% United States' sales enjoyed by Tauzhou Fuling.


Operations at the Allentown, Pennsylvania site come online as Taizhou's first American manufacturing venture. Fuling represents the first Chinese manufacturer in Pennsylvania.


Fuling Global Inc. begins trading on Nasdaq after going public. Fuling USA, Inc. is established as Fuling Global's United States headquarters.


Ground breaks on 4th Fuling Global factory, located in Taizhou. This new factory houses 1,000,000 square feet to expand the company's output capability.



At Fuling USA, we believe we have a responsibility to help protect our world. The decisions we make, the way we plan our business, the direction we set in giving back to the community, all stem from an understanding of how we can positively influence the environment around us. We have begun plans to expand our current paper operations in 2019 with expansion into a new North America plant, as well as continuing our research for expansion of our biodegradable offerings. Learn about other ways we continue to strive to protect our environment for future generations and ways we all can contribute to this crucial goal.